3 Ways To Train Mental Fitness

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Whilst taking part in a competitive sport is perhaps the most obvious way to carry out more physical activity, there are also a number of simpler ways to do this. ? With such alarming statistics, it is therefore more crucial than ever that we do as much as we can to protect our mental health. ? Burgs? online outlines in significant detail the variety of ways meditation can? benefit us. Whilst many of ways we train to keep physically fit are obvious, like going to the gym or running, there actually a number of approaches we can take to keep mentally fit too. Instead of driving everywhere, why not take a brisk walk when possible? Or better still, why not invest in a bicycle? ? The Department of Health recommends that adults should be active daily and complete 2. ? If your blood sugar drops you might feel tired and irritable, and this could be the onset for long term mental health problems. ? Thanks for reading,. He has hosted hundreds of meditation retreats and translates his profound ancient knowledge into accessible language.Whilst fitness is widely associated with our physical health, it is evident that maintaining our mental fitness and therefore mental health is equally as important. These include making sure you eat breakfast, eating smaller portions spaced out more regularly throughout the day and avoiding foods which make your blood sugar rise and fall rapidly, such as sugary snacks, sugary drinks, and alcohol. ? This has also been backed up by studies. Exercise can improve physical and mental fitness Whilst physical fitness is typically associated with our physical health, exercising and keeping fit can also have a profound effect on our mental fitness. For example, a demonstrated the benefits of meditating on the mind. A healthy and balanced diet is key for mental fitness Ensuring you have a healthy and balanced diet is also imperative in maintaining this mental fitness.2% having made a suicide attempt and one third (33. ? The 2016 report showed that females between the ages of 16 and 24 are almost three times as likely to experience a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) as their male counterparts. ? A also showed that physical activity can reduce levels of anxiety in people with mild symptoms, with other evidence suggesting it may also be helpful in treating clinical anxiety. Statistics from the NHS show that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a mental illness, with groups such as young women and those receiving benefits particularly at risk.? It is therefore recommended that you instead eat regularly to keep your blood sugar level steady, and consume foods that release energy slowly. Meditation can relieve stress and fight depression A whole host of reports have pointed towards the positive effects of meditating on relieving stress generally and fighting mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. A review found that that meditation helped reduce anxiety symptoms in people with generalised anxiety disorder. ? Crucially, you can undertake this physical exercise during a wide range of different activities. The publication found significant changes to the brain on scans done more activity in the portions of the brain dedicated to processing stress, focus and calmness after just three days of meditation.5%) self harming. The effects are widespread, with scientists long showing that exercise has the ability to impact our mood, stress levels, self esteem, and crucially, reduce the impact of depression and anxiety. ? These kinds of findings have been echoed elsewhere.5 hours of moderate intensity activity over a week, and this is easily achievable with the wide amount of ways you can exercise . After a number of years studying and practicing meditation in Asia under the guidance of some of the world?s greatest living masters, Burgs? moved back to England to teach meditation himself. Have you ever eaten a fast food meal and felt completely and utterly sluggish in the hours after? ? This is because fast food releases energy quickly and causes blood glucose levels to quickly rise then drop again. His blog includes articles mental stability, the physical health of our body and purely being content with our own being. ? In addition, mental health charity also suggest a number of other dietary habits to boost your mental well being. The outline an in depth exploration of how to alter your diet for the benefit of your mental health. For example, a showed that physical exercise was negatively associated with the presence and first-onset of mood and anxiety disorders. ? The same report showed that two thirds of those receiving Employment and Support Allowance experience common mental health problems and the same percentage report suicidal thoughts, with 43

We?ve gone full circle. ? I wanted to highlight the importance of combatting stress. As the weather has drastically changed, our beach trips are less often. I still find the noise of the pitching mound swing trainer training batting mat a little off putting but that?s nothing that some easy listening music doesn?t fix! , the mat has four sequences to help you . Twist A short program (6-9 minutes) incorporating twists to decrease tension in your shoulders and hips. Also great for releasing tension in the lower back. I had left it out on the kitchen floor last week and when I came back in, Yogi (my Hungarian Vizsla) was lying on it. I recently did a JumpGa class and that combined jumping on a trampoline with yoga. As I got older, I realised I mainly exercised to combat stress. I then have a clear head to make clear and correct decisions ? including eating the right foods. I like an all rounder! ? I recently invested in a new camera to help me develop this blog. I get more aches and pains these days compared to when I was in my 20?s. *Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with HoMedics and I was given the STRETCH in order to give an honest review. This is to clear my mind. I?ve now had good quality time to test each of the functions.99 (RRP ?249. I actually kept the box it came in and it all goes away when I ?m not using it. Then I realised (like yoga) it?s harder than it looks! Have you ever tried operating a camera and trying to get yourself in the pictures? I think the following video is great though and it explains STRETCH in a much better way than I ever could. I recorded ?Twist? and ?Flow? into a time-lapse video, which you can watch further down in this post. In order to eat the right food groups, you need to have a clear mind and this is where the journey begins and ultimately ends. How typical! ? The HoMedics STRETCH Mat is currently on offer for ?199. Designed by a yoga pro ? the sequences deliver many benefits of calm and controlled stretching, without leaving your mat.I?ve been working with HoMedics over the past few weeks and testing out their product STRETCH. I?d also add it?s great for those neck muscles. Speaking of which? ? When I was younger, I exercised to look and feel good about myself. I really like the idea of me performing yoga as I appreciate all the benefits ? especially knocking on the door of 40. Using STRETCH really helped to ease my neck and my lower back. All words and opinions are my own. It was so funny! I ran to get my camera but he had moved by the time I came back. So the STRETCH mat has come at the perfect time for me! I love the fact that STRETCH folds up too.99) and is available to buy from , and . Stretch An ?all-round? treatment (10-15 minutes) providing a great antidote after long periods of sitting. So if stress was the end point, what was the starting point? Well to exercise efficiently you need to fuel yourself correctly. It?s a mat that mimics yoga moves. The intensity level was on number one for me and this programme was more like a relaxing massage than anything else. ? I must admit, I love it and along with beach walks ? this is my new way to unwind. Energise An uplifting program to help boost energy. Flow A progressive flow of stretches to gently mobilise the whole length of the spine leaving you feeling refreshed and more supple. If you sit at a computer desk (like me) for numerous hours of the day, this programme is perfect. The mat is made up of precision controlled air chambers that inflate in sequence to emulate yoga style stretches. It left me feeling relaxed (almost sleepy!) yet ready to tackle the day ahead. I speak frequently about my family trips to the beach. ? ? I personally think the STRETCH mat is a great invention. This fuels me to train efficiently and then I combat stress. Don?t forget, you guys can also use ?FFITNESS50? to receive an additional ?50 off! ? ? So what are you waiting for? Target your stress and unwind now with STRETCH. I think this is my favourite setting out of the four. I really enjoyed this 9-12 minute programme and have completed it on numerous mornings. I was in a car accident when I was 17 and I?ve had recurring neck issues since. This was a 9-15 minute programme and I?ve now built up to the second level of intensity. Now this can come in many forms ? reading, listening to music, exercising, visit places you like. Me being me, I thought I?d try and pull together a little video of me using the mat

I do suffer with lower back issues from time to time so I?m really pleased to be using STRETCH. Spine stretches are recommended to improve posture and to reduce back problems. The effect will be different for everyone, dependant on your height and proportions, so give it a try and find your favourite position. It?s a mat that mimics yoga style poses. ? The benefits of stretch Karen Brown is a yoga instructor and is also head designer at HoMedics. STRETCH has been cleverly designed to work for people of all different shapes and sizes. I appreciate my didn?t give much away, that?s because I like to put equipment like this through their paces before I offer honest feedback.I?m now two weeks into using STRETCH by Homedics. The air chambers built within the mat inflate gently to encourage your lumbar to stretch, release and relax. Don?t forget, you guys can also use ?FFITNESS50? to receive an additional ?50 off! ? I look forward to using my STRETCH mat during this week and I?ll come back to you all next week with my final thoughts. ? I must admit, I love my STRETCH mat so far. This is actually something I wondered, as my Wife isn?t as tall as me! You can subtly change the feel of your treatments by moving slightly closer to either the top or bottom of the mat as you lie down. The motion created by STRETCH will move your body without you needing to exert any effort. It really is an amazing piece of kit. The benefits of stretching Stretching is such an important part of every day life. The obvious benefit to stretching is an improved range of motion and flexibility. Before I get started, I wanted to tell you all about this fantastic offer? Inspired by yoga, STRETCH guides you through a range of four sequences ? Twist, Flow, Energise and Stretch. Have a great week! *Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with HoMedics?and I was given the STRETCH in order to give an honest review. Give this video a quick watch as it explains how STRETCH works really well. ? What I really love about my STRETCH mat is that it focuses quite heavily on your spine.?All words and opinions are my own.99 (RRP ?249. They deliver many benefits of calm and controlled stretching without leaving your mat. ? The HoMedics STRETCH Mat is currently on offer for ?199. I?m very skeptical of gimmicky pieces of exercise equipment and the STRETCH mat is certainly not that. She gave me the following tips on how to get the best from my STRETCH. In fact, the more you relax, the greater the benefits will be. I?ll also add that stretching before and after exercise will decrease your risk of injury ? even if some ! Stretching assists in providing a greater nutrient supply to muscles, helping to speed up recovery from muscle and joint injuries. ? Try varying your position on the mat. Relax and let the mat do the work.99) and is available to buy from , , and . I can?t ?stress? this enough! Did you know that ?stress? causes your muscles to contract? This in turn makes you feel tense, leading to a negative impact on your mind as well as your body. It?s so much better than I thought it would be

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