Most Amazing Canning Recipes

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It?s that time of year again. The time where you think, ?Hey, I should buy a truckload of fruit and make some jam.?. I hear you; I?m right there with you. As I sit here writing I have cases of peaches awaiting their fate as the best ever . Then the figs will come in silver bowls delivered by my neighbour who can?t possibly eat the fruit from five fig trees ripening at once. Good news for me as I can give away (or consume) cases of fig preservesgarden therapy - most amazing canning recipes

If you are looking for a little inspiration you have come to the right place. I like to combine flavours, celebrate what?s in season, and can what?s fresh, wild, or local. I?ll keep adding to this list as I add new recipes, so bookmark or pin this page and come back when you want to get your canning on!

PS: I have a whole bunch free printable canning labels as well. .

Most Amazing Canning Recipes

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Love lavender? Me too! And growing it in my garden means I have found plenty of ways to use lavender in my home. I grow a variety of plants and harvest them yearly. I keep the dried flower buds in a large jar in my kitchen and another in my craft room. Some of the ways to use lavender is in culinary recipes, natural beauty, and crafts; but first, you need to harvest it!

Step 1: Harvest Lavender

I have just a few backyard lavender plants and from that I get more grass trimmer_2468 craft materials than I know what to do with! I leave the flowers on the plant for as long as I can (for the bees) but then it?s harvest time!

Step 2: Ways to Use Lavender

Check out all of the crafts, projects, and recipes that can be done with just a few backyard lavender plants and/or lavender essential oil in the list below.
More than 20 creative ways to use lavender


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