How to Keep up Employee Morale in January

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A combination of bad weather, Christmas costs and strict New Year?s resolutions can cause low employee morale. With over 10 years? experience, Glo?s workplace wellbeing therapies, including seated massage on a portable chair, have been designed to help teams improve and maintain good health practices, increase their productivity and feel good every day! Perfect for helping staff to feel relaxed yet refreshed after all of the Christmas stress. Keep employee morale high in January by offering fun incentives, such as: Help with healthy New Year?s resolutions If your employees are on a health kick and trying to eat better, why not treat your staff to a box of healthy snacks. They motivate employees to exercise more and increase their current activity levels. If you are looking to boost employee morale in January or offer wellness solutions to your workforce, please visit Your Wellness Hub on??or email us on?. Healthy Nibbles deliver healthy office snacks ? providing convenient access to millions of healthy snacks per year, delivered right to your doorstep. Made with nutritious, whole ingredients, whilst ensuring taste is top priority, Healthy Nibbles will keep your team fuelled with on-the-go snacks that help increase productivity?and make them feel cared for.Going back to work in January after the festivities can be quite challenging.?Race events provide employers with the perfect opportunity to boost employee morale and have their staff participate in a fun team building event. With an event for every fitness level starting at 5K of pure obstacle fun and ending with 10 miles of mud and ice, there are no excuses to not get the team out from behind their desk and onto the course. Treat your employees to office massages Relieve employee tension and stress with an office massage. Take a break from work & have some fun Challenge your staff, boost morale and have some fun in the mud with Tougher Mudder

Exercise more frequently You will have heard it all before many times ? regular is good for your health. Furthermore, only a shocking 26% of adults consume 5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Obesity can lead to many serious health conditions which are diabetes, coronary heart disease, a stroke and some types of cancer. Read more: Try cooking healthily Fast food costs very little and tastes very good. Physical activity is vital to leading a healthier life! The benefits of investing in physical activity in the workplace include reduced accident rates, increased productivity, improved morale, reduced risk of illness, and improved focus.The festive season is full of unhealthy habits from excessive eating to binge drinking? Did you know that a shocking one in four adults are affected by obesity? Or that one in six young people eat fast food twice a day? There are also now 56,638 takeaways in England. Therefore, why not go on a workout with friends or family. Try making exercise fun and interesting. Popular widely consumed snacks aren?t normally the healthy kind? More often than not they are cookies, pastries, crisps, sweets and chocolates, all of which are high in calories. Consuming too many can cause high cholesterol and may contribute to inflammation and oxidative , which can increase the risk of developing . For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk/cycle to work instead of driving. Fast food can increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, cause headaches, lead to high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Try cutting down on snacking or if you do feel hungry throughout the day opt for healthier options such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. However, the negative effects on a person?s physical health can be long lasting. Research has shown that regularly eating home-cooked meals tend to be happier and healthier. Here is how to change your unhealthy habits in the new year: Avoid snacks Snacking can become an unhealthy habit out of boredom, stress or frustration rather than out of hunger therefore leading to weight gain as frequent snacking is likely to take you over your daily calorie allowance. A healthy balanced diet can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, improve heart health, strengthen bones and teeth, and control weight. Small changes in everyday life can you help you to become more active more frequently

?Available as a 45-minute class, a combination of intense cardio, strength training and combat, the ultimate full body workout, all whilst tracking your heart rate and more. If being in the gym bores you, try listening to your favourite podcast only when you?re there. These extrinsic rewards aren?t necessarily linked by much and studies show that the moment they dry up so does your motivation. The trouble is that unless you have a particularly altruistic bunch of mates, any rewards are going to be those you give yourself. Instead, try to ensure that any positives you gain are intrinsic to your resolution. ?Brand new to David Lloyd Clubs is , a boutique-style HIIT workout, available now in selected clubs and currently being rolled out nationwide. Or ditch a boring cardio session for a social game of five-a-side. Just remember, doing something is better than doing nothing! Swap selection boxes for box jumps. Don?t get stuck in a rut and get bored. The pair of shoes you buy to reward a gruelling month in December in the gym were never really in jeopardy ? nothing is really stopping you going out and buying them regardless. Virgin Active ? Incentivise and thrive Self-reward is important to forming habits. If you can make it through the festive season of course you deserve a reward. Alternatively, why not escape the Christmas rush and retreat to one of David Lloyd?s live or virtual mind and body classes, from to meditation ? all available throughout the day at times to suit, giving yourself the gift of wellness this year.Most people tend to put their fitness routine on the back-burner during the festive season. Bannatyne ? Be realistic with your fitness goals Set yourself challenging but realistic fitness goals because if you?re too ambitious you will become disheartened and give up. Here?s what they said: David Lloyd- Opt for short workouts During the festive period, opt for short, effective workouts to fit in with busy schedules. Read more:. Therefore, try to enlist friends or family to join you in your fitness regime.? Soon you will be readily associating business with pleasure. We also recommend varying your training. There?s a huge variety of classes, including virtual classes that work around you, cardio workouts, functional and weight training to choose from. We asked some of our health clubs their tips on how to stay motivated to work out over Christmas instead of just eating mince pies. It?s more fun and you can support each other when the going gets tough

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