Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs

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Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe |

You?ll be rendering the chicken, skin-side down, and it can splatter quite a bit. Remember, this recipe is more about the steps, so no hate mail if you were expecting creative ingredients or big flavors. Roast it.?Pat the chicken thighs dry on both sides with paper towel. And, I save the bones for making or ?which to me makes the whole idea of buying bone-in thighs worth it. Flip and sprinkle the meat side with the rest of the salt, pepper, and whatever spice mix you choose. Cover with a splatter screen, and sear skin side down for 5-8 minutes, depending on the strength of your burners. What to Serve With Chicken Thighs Make it a full meal by serving with ?or . When I lived in Scotland a few years ago, we had a convection oven, and it resulted in the most crispy chicken skin imaginable. Place a large cast iron skillet over high medium-high and add the ghee. I use ghee as the cooking fat because its smoke point is so high. It usually takes about 45 minutes when I sear the skin side on the stove top and then finish roasting the chicken thighs in the oven. Sprinkle the skin side with some of the salt and pepper. It's one of the simplest ways to make crispy chicken in the oven every time! Get the full recipe here and make these tonight. Saving on dishwashing later? Count me in! Not sure how to clean your cast iron skillet? I recommend using a splatter screen?for this (). Add the chicken thighs, skin side DOWN, and try to leave some room between them so they don?t touch. Doing fewer things better is where it?s at for me! This Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe was born out of frustration. Ingredients 2 lb chicken thighs bone-in 1 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp spice mix of choice optional 1 tbsp ghee Instructions Get ready.). Which Spices Go Best With Chicken Thighs? Sometimes, I?ll add a spice mix like curry powder or smoked paprika (my favorite spice)?to the meat side of half the chicken, and the other half, I?ll leave plain except for salt and pepper. (You don?t have to season the meat if you prefer a more neutral taste.?Roast the chicken in the oven for 20-30 minutes until they?re cooked through and no longer pink. I usually double this recipe and use a second skillet which give us instant leftovers. I don?t put spices or herbs ? other than salt and pepper ? on the skin side because?they?ll burn.?Remove the splatter screen. (If you must use?boneless chicken thighs, . If you want to nerd out on why ghee is so awesome, . Watch the cooking show episode for Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs: (And be sure to subscribe to my for fresh new cooking videos.) How Long Do You Cook Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet? It totally depends on if you?re cooking the whole thing on the stove top or you?re going to use the oven, too. They?d also be delicious with a simple green salad or a paleo-friendly cole slaw on the side. It depends on the size of the chicken thighs, so keep an eye on it once 20 minutes has gone by. Recipe Video Recipe Notes These can be made ahead of time on your meal prep day. Preheat the oven to 425?F. That way, I can season the meat when I reheat it with whatever flavor profile I want (ex: garlic, Italian herbs, curry powder, etc. The whole point is to create the perfect texture. For one, they?re usually less expensive. Now, what makes this recipe special isn?t the flavors or the ingredients; it?s the method. Try what I might, I could never get the skin on chicken thighs to come out perfectly until I started playing around with this method.) You need a large cast iron skillet for this, ideally 12 inches in diameter for 4 chicken thighs. Save the bones so you can make homemade bone broth! Nutrition Facts Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe Amount Per Serving Calories 530 Calories from Fat 369 % Daily Value* Fat 41g 63% Saturated Fat 12g 60% Cholesterol 231mg 77% Sodium 756mg 32% Potassium 464mg 13% Protein 36g 72% Vitamin A 175IU 4% Calcium 18mg 2% Iron 1. (Don?t like chicken thighs? This method works with split chickens or chicken legs too, just be sure to adjust the cooking time. My have never let me down, and the bonus here is that the chicken goes from the stove top to the oven in one dish.?Serve hot out of the oven.) Sear the chicken. Flip the chicken so the meat side is down.Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs are a game-changer for a simple weeknight dinner. Pin?these Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs for later!. Use a pot holder or kitchen towel to move the skillet right into the oven. It?ll release easily from the pan once it?s ready to flip, but you want to make sure the skin is rendered and crispy. Since chicken thighs are so adaptable, the sky is really the limit here. Don?t keep poking at the chicken. Be patient. Okay, on to the full method for making this?Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe! Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe Course: Main Course Cuisine: American, Gluten-Free, Paleo Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes Servings: 4 Calories: 530 kcal Author: This Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe is a game-changer. To reheat, place them skin-side down in a cast iron skillet and place over medium-low heat for about 15 minutes, flipping once during the process. Oh, and texture ? especially crispiness or crunch ? is one of the ways to make food more exciting! Tips for the Best Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Thighs I use bone-in chicken thighs.) Fast forward to living back in the States with a normal gas oven. If you?ve been following me for a while, you know my style in food, photography, and life is simplicity.5mg 8% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. You want the skillet to be really hot so make sure the fat is shimmering

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